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When it comes to such important matters as planning an estate, it's important to find a lawyer who will represent your best interests. At Goldberg & Associates, we care deeply about working together with our clients to determine the best plan. We know how challenging and trying these times are, and we are honored to help our clients when it matters the most. For all of your Fayette County estate planning needs, or, for elder law needs of any kind, Goldberg & Associates is here for you.

At Goldberg & Associates, we are proud to offer:

  • Estate valuations
  • Estate preparation
  • Implementation of trusts as necessary
  • Help with writing wills
  • Hospice care plans
  • Other end-of-life documents
  • ...and much more
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DIY May Land Your Estate in Probate

DIY is the way to go for a lot of things these days: you can teach yourself a new skill and possibly save some money for yourself. DIY has no place in estate planning, however. If your wishes aren’t clear in your end-of-life documents, they risk being thrown out in court. If that happens, the court will decide what happens to your possessions. This is called probate, and our estate planning attorneys work hard to create airtight legal documentation to avoid this. In general there’s a lot of push to “do-it-yourself” these days, but elder law is not an area to try to DIY. Leave it to trusted and knowledgeable attorneys at Goldberg & Associates to plan your estate, will, and other end-of-life documents. Our Fayette County elder care lawyers have your best interests in mind.

Robert M. Goldberg has enjoyed a number of professional distinctions throughout his career. Most recently, he was honored as a Lawyer of Distinction in 2019, an honor that speaks to his excellence in the practice of law.

We hope that we have answered some questions for you regarding estate planning law in greater Fayette County. We’d love to go over your plans with you and make sure your estate is all ready to go, anytime. Contact our office for a consultation today.