What retirees say about retirement might surprise you. It is one thing to daydream about all the things you will do when you retire while you are sitting at your desk overloaded with work. But it is completely different when you are sitting at home living the life of a retiree.

What is retirement really like? Your thoughts on the matter might not be the reality of retirement. Goldberg and Associates, your wills and trusts attorneys in Atlanta, offers what retirees say retirement is really like.

There are Trepidations

Recently retired retirees often wonder if they retired too early, some think they should have waited longer to retire. Many retirees say that letting go of work can be scary, but are glad they did.

Health is a Concern

The two things that most retirees worry about are money and their health. They are concerned about sticking to a budget and fear that the dreams they have about retirement might not match the reality of it.

It’s an Ongoing Process

One thing that many retirees say about retirement is that it doesn’t always go as planned. Many say that even though they may have planned out retirement years before actually retiring, it doesn’t necessarily go as planned.

They say this is not a bad thing, it can just be a little surprising. You have a vision of what it’s going to be like when you retire, but the reality is different than the dream. They say you still reach goals, but not always the way you had planned.

The Need to Make Adjustments

Married retirees say that being home all day with the spouse can be a challenge. As we all already know, absence makes the heart grow fonder. But let’s face it, seeing the same person every day, all day long can be challenging, even after 40 years or more of marriage.

Retired couples need to learn that both parties need time alone and some people will need more ”me” time than others. But by doing so, couples get along much better.


When you retire, you probably think about selling the big house and getting something smaller. This might not sit right with some people. Many retirees will tell you that when they downsize to save money and ease the workload of maintaining a big house, they are quite happy with their decision. It is these retirees who have accepted the difference between wants and needs. They have embraced a simpler life as downsizing means less stress.

Many retirees find that downsizing gives them more time to enjoy their newfound freedom. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Keeping up with chores and maintenance in a big house is time-consuming and it does require a lot of work and energy.

So a choice has to be made. You can either spend your retirement scrubbing the kitchen floor, vacuuming the entire house, mowing the big lawn, trimming the trees or you can spend your retirement doing things you enjoy.

Most Retirees are not Bored

Many of you might have skewed thoughts about retirement. You might speculate that being retired is boring and all you do is sit around doing nothing all day. It makes sense. You spend at least 40 hours a week at work, a few hours a week commuting to and from work, it all adds up.

You spend a lot of time devoted to your career and then all of the sudden you are retired. You can then sleep in every morning and take two-hour lunches.

You might take a day off for a dental visit and find that you are bored. It makes you stop and wonder what retirees do with all of that free time.

Many retirees say that they rarely, if ever, get bored. And many of them also say that there are still not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything they desire. This comes from people who have been retired for 20 or more years. The fact is that there are retirees who cannot get everything they want to do done.

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