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Executor Responsibility in Georgia

Executors have a central and pivotal role in the execution of a will in the state of Georgia. The distribution of someone’s estate is critical to honoring their wishes and maintaining harmony in a family. Fortunately, counsel from Goldberg & Associates is available to those seeking help in order to help properly facilitate the execution of a will and distribution of a deceased individual’s estate. Reach out to a Georgia estate law attorney today to learn more.

What Is an Executor?

In short, an executor is someone who administers another person’s estate upon their death. Executors are very important as they can have lasting implications on the managing of assets that go to numerous individuals after another individual passes away. This includes bank accounts, motor vehicles, homes, and other large assets.

One example of an important function of an executor is the managing of property that is signed off to minor children in the case that one of their parents passes on. As minor children are unable to manage financial assets prior to coming of age as an adult, an executor maintains this responsibility in the memory of the deceased parent. There are, however, plenty of other examples of critical roles that executors play in the lives of their friends and family members.

Concerns About Uncontested Estates in GA

In Georgia, executors are most often named in wills. After being named in a will, the executor will ensure that provisions in the will are carried out after someone’s death. Some attorneys are even able to produce a letter and guidelines to executors to explain what their job requires. If someone does not name an executor, a probate court will appoint someone to take on this job.

Oftentimes a will and estate go uncontested. Uncontested wills are those that are processed through normal channels and are not challenged in their validity. In order for a will or state to be considered uncontested, there must also be no challenge to the person who is appointed as the executor or the percentage of distributions that are named in the will.

In any case, there are oftentimes concerns about uncontested estates versus contested estates. Ensuring that the deceased individual’s wishes are honored, that an estate is settled properly, maintaining Harmony within a family, maximizing the value of an estate, and the proper distribution of property ( such as two minors who will later become of age) are all valid in common concerns that attorneys get on a daily basis.

Goldberg Can Answer All of Your Questions

Goldberg & Associates is one of those law firms that can answer your questions and concerns. Our Georgia estate law attorneys understand the difficulty of organizing estates and dealing with the loss of a loved one. To learn more about how Goldberg & Associates can serve you, please reach out to one of our representatives at (770) 229-5729 or contact us through our online messaging system.

At Goldberg & Associates, we specialize in handling elder law and elder law cases. All of our resources are at your fingertips when you work with Goldberg & Associates. We will do everything in our power to ensure the maximum amount that can be saved, will be saved for your retirement. No stone goes unturned at Goldberg & Associates; we are prepared to make sure you do everything you need to in order to max out those savings options, and make way for the time when you will get to retire.  

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