Know the Veterans Benefits You’re Entitled To

Veterans deserve all that we can give them, including assistance they all qualify for after serving our country. Unfortunately, navigating the complexities of the veterans benefits program can be challenging without skilled and experienced help on your side. Robert M. Goldberg & Associates is an Atlanta lawyer for veterans benefits and we are here to help you explore and understand the benefits to which you are entitled after your time on the front line.

What Benefits Are Available to Veterans?

Veterans have access to healthcare benefits, medical screenings, and diagnostics. They are also qualified to receive a pension that is provided based on wartime service. While most servicemen and servicewomen know about these benefits, they may not know that they are also qualified for disability benefits and programs. These programs include:

  • Attendance and aid, which increases the pension funds for bedridden veterans
  • Medical foster homes, which act as a temporary place for veterans to seek medical care
  • Adult daycare services, which can prevent seniors from being placed in a nursing home before they need to be
  • Nursing home services, which can help accommodate the long-term care needs of veterans

Working with an experienced lawyer for veterans benefits can help you uncover sources of healthcare coverage that you didn’t know were available to you. Robert M. Goldberg & Associates can help you determine which benefits you have access to and what the cost may be should you be approved for these benefits.

How We Can Help

It can be difficult to know which benefits you are entitled to. At Robert M. Goldberg & Associates, we help you determine what the best next steps are for you and your family. We start by providing you with an elder law and VA benefits review that evaluates your benefits based on your service record, income, and family resources. From there, we take care of any necessary communication with the bureaucracy involved in accessing your benefits. Our team promises to do our best to expedite the process. And finally, we’ll deal with any denials to assess what went wrong and determine the best alternatives.

Lawyer for Veterans Benefits in Atlanta

Are you a veteran who needs help exploring your healthcare options in the Atlanta area? If so, then get in touch with our experienced team today to learn more about our veterans benefits legal services and to get started. We thank you for serving our country.