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At Goldberg & Associates, we know that you’re looking for a lawyer who will represent your best interests in estate and elder law. In choosing our firm to represent you, we are certain that you will be nothing less than thoroughly satisfied by your experience. We work hard to serve our clients through some of the most challenging and trying times in their lives, and we are honored that we get to be here for you when it matters the most. We work to achieve justice for all of our clients. For all of your Spalding County estate and elder law needs, choose Goldberg & Associates.

At Goldberg & Associates, our services include:

  • Estate valuations
  • Writing a living will
  • Implementation of trusts as necessary
  • Preparation of your estate
  • Hospice care plans
  • Other end-of-life documents
  • and much more
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Benefits of Hiring an Estate Planning Lawyer

DIY is the way to go for a lot of things these days: you can teach yourself a new skill and possibly save some money for yourself. DIY has no place in estate and elder law, however. If your wishes aren’t clear in your end-of-life documents, and they have to be a very specific kind of clear to satisfy the courts, they might be thrown out in court. Then, it’s the court that determines what happens to your possessions. This is called probate, and estate planning attorneys do their best to create legal documentation for what you would like to have happen to your estate so that your estate doesn’t end up in probate. There’s a lot of push to “do-it-yourself” these days, but estate and elder law is not one of the areas you want to try to DIY. Leave it to trusted and knowledgeable attorneys such as Goldberg & Associates to plan your estate, will, and other end-of-life documents. This way, you can be sure that your Spalding County estate and elder care lawyer has your best interests in mind.

Amongst the many distinctions awarded to Robert M. Goldberg in his professional career, his 2019 award as a Lawyer of Distinction is one of which he is especially proud. The Lawyer of Distinction award is given to attorneys who demonstrate exceptional excellence in their practice.

We hope that we have answered some questions for you regarding estate and elder law in greater Spalding County. Let's review your estate plan together and make sure your affairs are properly in order. Contact our office for a consultation today.