Probate Lawyer in Atlanta

As your loved ones are mourning your passing, it may be difficult for them to maintain the perspective and mental clarity that is needed to ensure your estate is settled properly. The right probate lawyer can help your family members settle any remaining debts and distribute your remaining assets after you’re gone, regardless of whether you have a will or not.

If you need a reliable, experienced Atlanta probate lawyer who can guide you through the estate administration process, give Robert M. Goldberg & Associates a call. Our probate lawyer can help ensure that all matters related to your estate are settled properly, from helping your loved ones distribute your life insurance proceeds and property to ensuring all possible tax liabilities are identified and settled appropriately.

Do I Need a Probate Lawyer?

That is up to you. If your estate contains only common assets, such as a house, a bank account, or a vehicle, then you may not need the assistance of a probate lawyer to settle your estate.

However, there are other times when the assistance of a skilled probate lawyer can help the estate administration process go smoothly. You may consider requesting a consultation with our Atlanta probate lawyer if:

  • Your estate includes split assets or assets that are intangible
  • Your estate includes commercial property or a business that demands ongoing maintenance and handling
  • You have a large amount of debt or have a complicated tax situation
  • You are concerned your estate won’t qualify for simple administration procedures
  • You are concerned that someone may contest your will

Alternatively, if your loved one has recently passed away and you need help navigating through the probate process, a probate lawyer may be the best resource for making informed decisions related to settling the estate.

Looking for an Experienced Probate Lawyer in Atlanta?

Plan ahead for your future and the future of your loved ones by turning to Robert M. Goldberg & Associates. We proudly offer probate lawyer services to help you feel confident in your estate plan. Contact us today to request a consultation.