If you die without either a Will or a Living Trust, the state will control how your property is dispersed. Settling your estate will probably be more difficult and costly as well. The best-known difference between a Will and a Living Trust is that a Living Trust allows your estate to avoid probate at your death. But this is just one of many advantages the Living Trust has over a Will. A well-designed Living Trust that takes full advantage of recent changes to the law can give you complete control over how your assets are distributed, reduce taxes, assure privacy, protect your beneficiaries, and more.

Do you really need a Living Trust? This depends on a wide range of factors, but one thing is certain—not all Living Trusts are created equal. Trusts prepared by non-attorneys or do-it-yourself software have left many families without proper protection. We can put a wide range of trusts to work on your behalf. Click on the link below to learn more about the various trusts that are available.
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