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Many of our clients come to us with only a vague idea of what they want to accomplish today and tomorrow. One of the advantages of working with Robert M. Goldberg & Associates for your elder law and estate planning needs is that we are experienced in helping individuals and families “uncover” the issues that matter most to them, and actually gain a better understanding of where they are and where they want to be in the future. No, we’re not psychiatrists, we won’t set you down on a couch and ask you to analyze inkblots. But we will take the time to ask the right questions and get the answers necessary to help us design a comprehensive plan that will protect you at every stage of your life.

To this end, we utilize a proven process that allows us to determine the specific needs and goals of our clients and help them achieve every one of them. We also believe that the best plans are the result of close collaboration. We work closely with other attorneys, financial planners, accountants, stockbrokers, insurance professionals, and care providers to best serve the specialized planning needs of individual families.

Discovery Meeting

This is the first part of our process, during which we ask questions that allow us to develop a thorough understanding of your family dynamics, your unique needs and goals, and your most pressing concerns. We will ask you to provide us with your current legal documents and learn about the nature, structure, and composition of everything you own. Basically, this stage is designed to help us understand where you are now and where you are hoping to go in the future.

Design Meeting

Once we clearly understand where you are and where you’d like to be, we analyze and choose the combination of planning theories, strategies, and tools that will best protect you and your loved ones. The end result is a plan that meets the needs and goals you expressed during our Discovery Meeting.

Here, we present our plan to you in clear, easy-to-understand language, without the use of confusing legal jargon. We will show you how we have transformed the financial and emotional goals you described to us earlier into a concrete plan designed to meet all of your needs. At the end of our presentation, you will have the opportunity to fine-tune your plan so that we can continue the process of making your dreams a reality.

Signing Meeting

With your understanding and approval, we move from plan design to implementation. Legal documents are prepared. The various details inherent in the proper functioning and success of the plan are carried out. All efforts are carefully coordinated between our office and your existing fiduciaries to ensure that work proceeds in an orderly, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Funding Meeting

We believe the funding process is the most important part of your estate planning. If your plan isn’t funded correctly, it will not work the way you want it to. It’s easy to create documents. The hardest part is changing title to ensure your plan will actually work the way you want it to when you need it to. What sets us apart from other elder law firms is our funding team. They prepare deeds, beneficiary designation forms, and asset letters to help guide you through the funding process. We want you to have peace of mind knowing your plan will be effective in the event of your disability or death. Many firms will hand you a piece of paper and tell you to go do the rest on your own. What makes us unique is we partner with you throughout the entire process.

Review and Maintenance

Because your personal, family, and financial situation is constantly changing, as are the laws that impact your estate plan, it is extremely important to keep your plan current and up to date. The fact is, an outdated plan can be worse than having no plan at all. We recommend that your plan be reviewed at least every two years. Plan review and maintenance is part of our commitment to providing Legal Guidance for a Lifetime.

Are you ready to begin planning for your future and your family’s financial security? Contact Goldberg & Associates today to request an elder law and estate planning review.

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