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One of the biggest traps most elderly individuals fall into is thinking that they are not eligible for Medicaid because they are not poor enough. Most of the time, this is simply not true! As long as you can meet some requirements, you may be eligible for Medicaid. In fact, most senior citizens in Georgia qualify for Medicaid without actually knowing they do! Keep reading to find out more about how you can apply for Medicaid, and how Goldberg & Associates can help you get approved!



Basic Medicaid Requirements for Georgia

Unlike what most people think, Medicaid eligibility is not just based on your level of annual income. Georgia’s Medicaid law requires you to be one of the following to apply to for Medicaid eligibility:

  • A resident of Georgia
  • Pregnant
  • Be responsible for a child 18 years of age or younger
  • Blind
  • Have a disability or a family member in your household with a disability
  • Be 65 years of age or older

If you are older than 65, you might have a significant chance of being approved for Medicaid benefits, especially if you work with an experienced attorney.

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Financial Requirements for Medicaid

Under normal circumstances, the maximum annual income limit for a 2-person household in Georgia is $43,028, which is quite low, but Georgia’s Medicaid program for the Aged, Blind or Disabled (also known as ABD Medicaid) has special clauses that enable you to include long-term care costs into the monthly limit. Since most nursing homes in Atlanta can cost more than $8,000 a month, you can apply for Medicaid to help you with these costs, as no amount of savings can be enough to sustain paying this much every month!

What If I Make Too Much Money?

You may still be eligible for Medicaid even if you are over the income limits, and this is where working with a professional Medicaid lawyer can help a lot. Goldberg & Associates can help you identify your assets that may hinder your Medicaid application, and can help you set up a Qualified Income Trust (QIT), that will put you under the Medicaid limit while also protecting your assets!

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What If My Application Gets Denied?

Unfortunately, not all Medicaid applications get approved on their first try. Luckily, you do get a chance to appeal the denial of eligibility. At Goldberg & Associates, our lawyers who specialize in Medicaid will assist you along the way and do everything within our power to qualify you for the Medicaid benefits you need!

Applying for Medicaid is a complicated affair, and it can be even more complicated if you are over the income limits. Let Goldberg & Associates help you get qualified for Medicaid so that you can spend a happy retirement without the fear of your savings being drained by the astronomical costs of long-term care!

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At Goldberg & Associates, we specialize in handling elder law and elder law cases. All of our resources are at your fingertips when you work with Goldberg & Associates. We will do everything in our power to ensure the maximum amount that can be saved, will be saved for your retirement. No stone goes unturned at Goldberg & Associates; we are prepared to make sure you do everything you need to in order to max out those savings options, and make way for the time when you will get to retire.  

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