Medicaid Eligibility and Asset Protection in Atlanta

Seniors are entitled to Medicaid, but many are not sure how to qualify for coverage or to prepare their application. At Robert M. Goldberg & Associates, we believe in helping our clients with all aspects of elder law, including Medicaid planning. From helping you understand your long-term care needs and identifying your assets to determining your Medicaid eligibility and walking you through the application process, we do most of the work for you so you have peace of mind.

Why Plan Ahead?

Long-term care is expensive and you deserve the highest quality of care possible as you age. Unfortunately, if your monthly income or resources are near, or over, the financial eligibility limits for Medicaid, you risk being denied benefits. It can be devastating for you, your family, and your caregivers to watch your assets dwindle so that you can afford the health care you need.

Understanding how your assets can affect your Medicaid eligibility is essential to have the best shot at being approved for benefits. Our elder law team in Atlanta can help you identify the income and assets that could impact your eligibility and help you explore your options for protecting them to enhance your eligibility.

Why Choose an Elder Law Attorney?

Hiring an elder law attorney can ensure you have the best possible results when preparing for Medicaid. Our professionals have no conflict of interest, unlike nursing homes, which would prefer clients to pay privately for as long as possible before going on Medicaid. We promise to do only what is best for you and your loved ones. With more than 20 years of experience in elder law, we have the depth of experience needed to advise our clients on what the right next steps include.

There may not be much you can do to preserve your assets or achieve Medicaid eligibility faster, but your consultation with our team will help you know you did all you could to access your options. Medicaid rules offer options for nursing home residents to preserve their own assets for both themselves and their loved ones. We are here to help you find these options and take advantage of plans that work for you. Call now to get started.