Explore Hospice Care with Our Atlanta Elder Law Firm

An element of elder law, hospice care was designed to make end-of-life transitions easier and more comfortable for individuals. Whether you are ready to consider hospice care for your own plans, or you’re trying to ease the comfort of a loved one, Robert M. Goldberg & Associates is the team to call. We are here to provide you with an elder law review to help you think about and plan for your future care needs, or those of your loved one.

What Is Hospice Care?

In hospice, the goal is not to cure an illness — rather, the idea is to keep a patient as comfortable and free of pain as possible, easing their end-of-life transition. However, hospice care doesn’t simply take the needs of the patient into account. Hospice services also usually provide care, counseling, and instruction services to the family members of the patient. This care can be given at home, but patients may also receive this care in a hospital, nursing home, or another hospice facility.

What Care Is Included?

Most hospice services included medical and nursing care, help with daily needs, and counseling. Any medications the patient needs will also be administered. From bereavement assistance for the family to cooking and cleaning for the patient, hospice services were designed to meet the needs of everyone involved.

Why Hire an Attorney for Help?

Knowing which services are available and which you or your loved one might benefit from the most can be challenging. Our elder law team can help you determine which specific care tasks you need most. Additionally, our team can help you understand the cost of hospice care as well as possible sources for coverage. Medicare typically covers a total of 210 days in hospice care, and we are here to ensure you or your loved one receive the care you deserve.

How Can We Help?

At Robert M. Goldberg & Associates, we believe in helping our clients prepare for whatever awaits. Whether you need to consider a loved one’s end-of-life care or your own, we are here to help you make an educated decision. Get in touch with our team today to learn more and get started.