Georgia Medicaid Planning: Determining Eligibility

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Do You Know If You’re Eligible?

At first glance, the eligibility requirements for Medicaid services in Georgia seem pretty straightforward. If they were as straightforward as they seem, however, there is a possibility that far fewer Georgia seniors would actually be eligible than the 72% of those who are receiving benefits. If the eligibility rules were as cut-and-dried as they seem, nowhere near the number of applicants would qualify for Medicaid.

Here we’ll discuss the basic eligibility requirements as well as how those requirements aren’t quite as static as they appear. If you’re looking to do the most thorough possible Medicaid planning and investigation of Medicaid law, having a Medicaid lawyer on your side from Goldberg & Associates to walk you through the options and obstacles will better ensure that you qualify for Medicaid.

Basic Medicaid Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Age 65+
  • Income limit per individual is $2,382
  • Income limit per couple is $4,764 if both are receiving care in the community or in a nursing home
  • Income limit per applicant who is applying if only one spouse needs benefits is $2,382/month (no income limit on spouse who is not applying)
  • Asset limit for individuals is $2,000
  • Asset limit for both spouses applying is $
  • Asset limit for a spouse not applying for benefits is $130,380
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The Whole Picture

The truth behind qualifying for Medicaid is, however, a little more complicated than simply having low enough assets and income. Many residents of Georgia qualify for Medicaid even with assets and income over the legal limit. The big picture is a little more complicated than simply weighing your assets and income. If this is the only criteria you use to establish whether or not you qualify, you might be short-changing yourself.

Often, working with a legal expert in Medicaid law for senior citizens in Georgia opens up doorways and opportunities that you may have been unaware of while going through the eligibility determination on your own. An attorney proficient in Medicaid law can help you with managing your assets in such a way that you are eligible for Medicaid.

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Let’s Be Honest

Nursing home care can cost up to $10,000 per month. Even if you have saved up for long-term care, most people’s savings are blown in a matter of months, not years. Contact the law office of Goldberg & Associates so that we can assist you with your Medicaid planning. 72% of seniors in Georgia receive Medicaid benefits. We’d bet that you deserve them too.

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