The answer depends on several variables.

What is Medicaid?

  • Medicaid is the needs-based health care benefit for persons who do not have health insurance, or whose insurance does not cover what they need, as in the example of custodial long-term care. Many people also need Medicaid to help pay for custodial care at home or in a skilled nursing facility.

Is Age a factor?

  • Yes. For people less than 65 years of age, who do NOT need long-term care, eligibility and the application process is much less complicated. In many cases people can apply on their own successfully. However, the process becomes much more complicated with applicants 65 years old and up who require custodial nursing care or other long-term care coverage. In these cases, getting an experienced elder law attorney is often a wise investment.

Determining Eligibility:

  • Nursing home Medicaid has many layers of qualifications and rules. Asset and income caps that change yearly determine whether or not an applicant is eligible. Transferring assets may be done to become asset eligible but complications arise when these are not carried out properly and can cause penalties making the applicant ineligible for benefits for up to five years. “Spending down” is another way many choose to “DIY” to qualify for Medicaid. This not only takes time, but depletes the legacy your family member has worked hard to build up. Consulting with an experienced elder law attorney could save that legacy by permitting you to use legal strategies that will accelerate Medicaid eligibility.

What’s it cost?

  • Consulting with an experienced professional opens the way for expert advice on how best to qualify for benefits as quickly as possible along with offering personal assistance in handling even the most difficult of eligibility questions and navigating the long, grueling process.
  • The cost of one month of nursing home care can range between $4,800 and $6,000. Retaining an elder law attorney can often speed up Medicaid eligibility by one or even more months. Thus, spending money on a good elder law attorney can actually save money that would have otherwise been paid to the nursing home, or lost due to other “DIY” strategies. Also you can have peace of mind knowing you have a team on your side who’s been down this road many times before and who are advocating for you. This eliminates much of the stress of the application process so you can spend more time focusing on you and your family.

Where do I find an Elder Law attorney?

  • Georgia Attorney Robert M. Goldberg, member of the National Association of Elder Law Attorney’s (NAELA) has been filing applications and helping families for over 14 years. His firm has offices in Atlanta, Griffin, and Peachtree City.  For a consultation to learn how Mr. Goldberg’s experience can help you, please call 770-229-5729 today!