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Caring For Elderly Parents From a Distance

The pandemic has certainly made many aspects of life incredibly difficult, and managing the care of a loved one from afar is part of it. This could mean trying to care for them when you’re in the same city but need to remain socially distant, or you could be in another state. Trying to communicate with various people in order to coordinate care can be overwhelming and stressful, but with the right approach, you can be sure that they’re getting the best possible care.

At Goldberg & Associates, we understand the stress that comes with caring for elderly and ailing parents, but we can offer a variety of services and legal advice that will help keep them safe and secure. Often, one of the most challenging aspects of managing the care of ailing parents is how to pay for the necessary care, whether that’s an assisted living facility or an at-home healthcare provider. Our team of elder law attorneys can provide valuable insight into Medicaid eligibility and the application process, retirement planning, and elder care laws. If you need support from a compassionate law firm, get in touch with us today.

Tips For Managing Care For Ailing Parents From a Distance

Final Local Support

In today’s environment, coordinating care from a distance may be easier than you think. But know ahead of time that it will require more communication over the phone and video conferencing. First, consider what you are able to do: can you offer financial support, can you coordinate medical care, research organizations that offer home health care, meal delivery services, cleaning companies, and transportation. Doing the initial research and finding resources that can help can go a long way. There are dozens of businesses and healthcare organizations that can provide the care your parents need; it’s just a matter of planning. You may also want to consider getting in touch with local churches that can help coordinate a meal train or a sign up for people to simply come by and visit.

Have a Family Meeting

In addition to communicating with local services, if there are other siblings, aunts, or uncles, it may be a good idea to have a family meeting so that everyone understands what needs to be done. You can discuss when it would be possible for everyone to visit your parents so that you can be there to provide care and support in person. Discuss what the issues are, what your parents want, and sort out responsibilities so that everyone can contribute. Having an open line of communication with the whole family will make the process much easier.

Discuss Powers of Attorney

These can be difficult conversations to be had, but they are incredibly important. Your parents should designate powers of attorney for healthcare and financial related matters. Power of attorney documents are legal documents that state the designated person has the authority to make healthcare and financial decisions on your parent’s behalf. The selected person should be aware of your parent’s wishes regarding end-of-life care, the distribution of assets, and more.

Stay Connected

Schedule regular calls with doctors, home healthcare providers, or assisted living staff to get updates on your parent’s health and if there is anything that needs to be done. If or when issues do arise, be financially prepared to travel to your parents so that you can be there to manage and coordinate care in person.

Get Help From Goldberg & Associates

Our team of elder law attorneys is committed to providing legal support and guidance for the elderly and their families throughout the Atlanta area. We know these can be challenging times, but there are resources available to ensure your parents are getting the care they need. If you need help with Medicaid applications, VA benefits, or drafting estate planning documents, you can count on us for dedicated service. Contact our office to get started today.

At Goldberg & Associates, we specialize in handling elder law and elder law cases. All of our resources are at your fingertips when you work with Goldberg & Associates. We will do everything in our power to ensure the maximum amount that can be saved, will be saved for your retirement. No stone goes unturned at Goldberg & Associates; we are prepared to make sure you do everything you need to in order to max out those savings options, and make way for the time when you will get to retire.