1. QPRTs Offer A Chance to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

    Since the burst of the housing bubble a few years ago and the subsequent crash of real property value, many of the clients who have come into our office have bemoaned the lowered value of their homes, but we have good news for these clients: You do have options. One of those options is a QPRT (Quali…Read More

  2. New Tax Breaks Could Have Huge Benefits for Grandchildren

    Last year was a fairly big year for tax news; with the repeal of the estate tax, the increase in the GST tax exemption, changes to 401(k) and IRA rules, and eventually the agreement on the new estate tax laws, we never wanted for something to write about. But one of the biggest stories may be just h…Read More

  3. Estate Tax Calculator May Provide a Peek into the Future

    Everyone who kept up with the recent changes in the estate tax laws—and the flurry of speculation, news stories and blog posts that came with it—knows just how important estate taxes are to estate planning. Although we make it clear on our blog that estate planning should be at least as much abo…Read More

  4. Where Should You Live to Escape the Estate Tax?

    Do you live in a state that has a friendly attitude toward the estate tax or inheritance tax? You may think you do, but according to this article in Forbes some states made changes to their estate or inheritance tax policies in 2010 as a response to the lengthy uncertainty over the federal estate ta…Read More

  5. The Tax-Man Cometh

    It’s that time of year again; the time of year when everyone starts gathering receipts, assessing income and expenses, and making appointments with tax advisors. Tax time can be a very stressful time for many families, but—with the help of this article from MSN Money—perhaps tax season can be …Read More

  6. A Good Year for Giving

    The season of giving is upon us... and thanks to 2010’s unusual tax laws we may see some very large gifts before the year is out! If you are considering being particularly generous this year, this article from Reuters explains why the federal government is making 2010 an exceptionally good year fo…Read More

  7. Options Abound With Out-of-State Trusts

    If you have a family trust—or are considering creating a family trust—to protect your assets you may want to ask your attorney about creating an out of state trust. It’s a grantor’s market (so to speak) and creating a trust these days doesn’t mean you have to simply accept the tax laws of …Read More

  8. Robin Hood Lives On: Tax Breaks to Help Your Family

    It may seem like you just can’t catch a break when it comes to paying taxes, but according to this article in the Wall Street Journal there are a few little known tax breaks that could end up saving your family money. Some are new—so new, in fact, that it is still before the Senate—such as the…Read More

  9. Tax Tips to Benefit YOUR Family

    Tax day is coming up quickly, are you ready to file? And just as important—are you taking advantage of all the savings and deductions available to you? Most people who do their own taxes are unaware of some of the lesser-known deductions which can help you save money come tax-time. We have a coupl…Read More