1. Preparing Boomers for the Finance Sandwich Squeeze

    Baby-boomers are called the sandwich generation—and with good reason. They were expecting to pay for their own retirement and their children’s college education; but now recession upon recession has toppled their elderly parents’ savings, and Boomers find that they are faced with the prospect …Read More

  2. How to Find the Best Long-Term Care Policy

    As the average life-span increases—and the cost of medical care along with it—more and more people are beginning to see the need for long-term care insurance. Simply having a retirement plan isn’t enough anymore. Saving for retirement now means not only saving for your living expenses, it mean…Read More

  3. Those Who Hesitate Can Still Achieve the Liberation of Retirement

    In spite of all the advice you see out there to start saving early for your eventual retirement, we’re realistic. We know that many people—either out of choice, neglect or necessity—put off saving for their retirement, only to find themselves up against a wall of anxiety when they realize that…Read More

  4. Women and Retirement: Your Money, Your Future, Your Plan

    You have a longer life expectancy than a man, different ideas about what constitutes risk, often work for a different pay-scale... and if you’re a woman, you likely need a different kind of retirement plan as well. You may think that the financial advisor recommended by your husband/father/brother…Read More

  5. Women and Finances: How Estate Planning Can Help

    When it comes to family matters, women are often the head (and sometimes the sole member) of the planning committee. Vacations, dinner parties, school activities and celebrations... many of these wouldn’t happen at all if the women of the family didn’t take the lead. Estate Planning tends to be …Read More

  6. Living on the Edge: Small Business Owners and Retirement

    Do you feel comfortable with your retirement plan? If you’re a small business owner the answer to that question is probably no. In fact, according to this report by Jules H. Lichtenstein, Office of Advocacy, US Small Business Administration, “Retirement account ownership, contribution, and parti…Read More

  7. Ensure that Your Retirement Savings Goes to the Right People

    Do you know how your retirement plan fits into your estate plan? Ideally you would never have to worry about this; you would spend the last penny of your savings on the day you die. But life rarely works out according to ideal circumstances, and the reality is that doing a little bit of estate plann…Read More

  8. Harvard or Shady Oaks? How to Choose Your Financial Priorities

    There are any number of things for which you can be earning and saving money: investments, retirement, college, a home, a car, the current high-tech gadget... The thought of it all is enough to make a person dizzy! So how do you decide what are the most important things for your family’s financial…Read More

  9. Trade Like A Man, Save Like A Woman

    How will you be planning for your retirement? According to CNBC your gender could play a bigger role than you think in your retirement plan. While of course not everyone will adhere to gross generalizations, studies have shown that men and women do have a tendency to take a different approach to sav…Read More