1. Addressing the Growing Financial Concerns of Baby Boomers

    The “golden years” are supposed to be a time to retire and relax after a life of working hard for yourself and your family, but according to a recent story on NPR, Baby Boomers have some big financial concerns about the future, many of which involve how they will pay for health care in their gol…Read More

  2. Retirement Assets May Be Unpleasant Surprise for Heirs

    You’ll often read news articles or blog posts about saving for retirement—when to start, how much to save, what savings or investment plan is best—but there’s an important retirement topic which often goes underreported: How these retirement accounts impact your heirs. As noted by this artic…Read More

  3. The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Retirement

    Everyone knows that entrepreneurs and small business owners often march to the beat of a different drum. After all, in order to start (and keep) a successful business you have to have a somewhat different and dynamic way of looking at the world and its possibilities. But this different way of lookin…Read More

  4. Retirement Planning Goes Back to its Roots

    When it comes to retirement planning you can find suggestions, rules and guidelines of just about every shade, but it wasn’t until this article in the U.S. News and World Report that we’ve seen the biblical “7 Deadly Sins” applied to retirement planning. The tone of the article is light and …Read More

  5. The Benefits of a Retirement Trust

    Most of us start thinking about retirement as soon as we get our first job. Even if we can’t start saving as much as we’d like right away, we know it’s there, looming on the horizon, and we think about it. The closer we get to retirement age the more we begin to consider our options and make s…Read More

  6. How Successful CEOs Keep the Family Business in the Family

    How long will your family business stay in the family? One generation? Two generations? How about 4 generations down the line? The truth is that very few family business stay in the family beyond the first generation. Statistically, Only 40% of family owned businesses survive to the second generatio…Read More

  7. Coming in 2012: Change for Retirees

    Last month the Obama administration released their budget for the 2012 fiscal year, and included in that budget were a few things that retirees (or those close to retiring) will want to be aware of. If you own a business you may want to keep reading as well, as some of the proposals within the budge…Read More

  8. Retirement Advice for EVERY Age

    “Retirement”—It’s a word that goes hand-in-hand with “Baby Boomer” these days. After all, as has been pointed out over and over again, retirement is the issue of the hour as the first round of Baby Boomers hits that magic age. But what about the younger set? Is there anything that twenty…Read More

  9. Long-Term Care; Be Prepared in an Area of Uncertain Options

    It’s flu season again, and the strain going around this year has been a difficult one, mainly because of how long it keeps its victims out of commission. So the article we recently found on Time.com about Long-Term Care seems particularly timely and relevant, if only because this year’s flu coul…Read More

  10. Are Misconceptions Keeping You From Planning for Retirement?

    Planning for retirement can be tricky business. When we discuss our clients’ estate plans and assets with them we can’t help touching on retirement plans, so we hear a lot about the worries that go along with preparing for an uncertain future. There are many variables and unknowns that can crop …Read More