1. A Low-Pressure (And Fun) Way to Discuss Legacy and Estate Planning

    The hardest part of legacy planning or estate planning isn’t necessarily choosing the right fiduciaries, or deciding how to distribute your wealth fairly among your loved ones... the hardest part of legacy planning or estate planning is often simply talking about it with family. In fact, having  Read More

  2. The Ins and Outs of Incapacity

    Most people think that having a trust is about controlling (to an extent) what happens to your assets after you die. This is true, but a trust actually has a much broader scope: a trust can also protect and provide for your loved ones—and more importantly, it can protect and provide for you—if y…Read More

  3. What Is Probate?

    With all the recent news about what will happen with estate taxes, the process of probate has come up quite a bit. Sometimes probate is mentioned in a low-key, matter-of-fact kind of way; at other times it is presented as something scary, and to be avoided at all costs. We know our readers have seen…Read More

  4. 10 Phone Calls to Make After the Death of a Loved One

    Coping with the death of a loved one can be a crushing task. There are so many things to do and details to remember; all of this at a time when each small task can serve as a reminder of your loss. At such a time it can be helpful to know that you’re not going through this alone; there are a numbe…Read More

  5. Executors and Agents: Choosing Your Own Replacement

    When people think about estate planning they generally think about inheritance, or taxes, or even guardianship—but rarely are the words “executor” or “agent” the first ones that come to mind. And yet, choosing your executor or your agent is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever…Read More

  6. Jane Austen’s Will: It Used to Be So Easy

    Many clients are shocked when they see the sheer volume of paper in a truly well-done estate plan. A trust by itself can be hundreds of pages, not to mention the other 6 to 16 documents you may or may not have—depending on your family situation. You may find that the “simple” estate plan you t…Read More

  7. How To Choose Your Executor or Personal Representative

    Serving as someone’s executor or personal representative is a HUGE job, and not for the faint of heart. Although it is commonly considered an honor, there is a lot of work involved, and an executor must have a great capacity for organization, attention to detail, meeting deadlines, and more. You m…Read More

  8. Take Action in the Face of Estate Tax Uncertainty

    If you’ve been reading our blog regularly then you know that the 2010 estate tax repeal has caused no end of confusion and uncertainty; not only for those who have been dealing with probate and trust administration since the tax was first repealed, but also for those who are trying to think ahead …Read More

  9. Recent Deaths Bring Home the Consequences of No Estate Tax in 2010

    There was too much confusion to be much rejoicing when the estate tax was repealed for a year on January 1st, 2010. Although the words “no estate tax” may sound good, nobody really expected the state of affairs would last. Most experts believed that Congress would never actually let it happen in…Read More