1. What Happens if I Die Without an Estate Plan?

    Despite the importance of having an estate plan, many Americans die without one every day. Individuals who die without an estate plan are said to die intestate. If you die intestate, Georgia law determines how your assets will be distributed. All fifty states have laws concerning intestate successio…Read More

  2. What Does a Probate Lawyer in Peachtree City Do?

    Oftentimes, a person isn’t even aware of what a probate lawyer in Peachtree City does until he or she is in need of one.  Of course, it is a great idea to hire a probate lawyer before you actually “need” his or her services so things can go as smoothly as possible when it comes to taking an e…Read More

  3. Lessons Learned from James Gandolfini’s Will

    No matter how much you have, estate planning is essential. When James Gandolfini, the actor who played mob boss Tony in HBO show “The Sopranos”, died of a heart attack at 51 last month, he left an estate valued at roughly $70 million. Commentators have declared his estate plan a “disaster” b…Read More

  4. Will You Need a Probate Attorney?

    The subject of probate is one that nobody wants to learn about too early; in fact, most people would probably avoid it altogether if they could. Unfortunately, the probate process can be very confusing and frightening when you are forced to become intimately acquainted with it—especially if you ha…Read More

  5. Advice for Executors: How to Manage Final Medical Expenses

    Most people die in a hospital; sometimes after a long and slow decline, sometimes after a quick and unexpected tragedy. If you are an executor of the deceased’s estate this is significant because it means that there are usually final medical bills to be paid. What most executors do not know is tha…Read More

  6. What To Do After A Death In The Family

    Anyone who has lost a close friend or family member knows that what a difficult, painful, and overwhelming time it can be. We are often asked to help our clients through probate process when a loved one dies, but probate isn’t the only thing you’ll have to think about; in fact, it may not even b…Read More

  7. 5 Basic Tips for Trustees

    Naming someone as trustee of your living trust is quite possibly one of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever make. The trustee is involved in just about every aspect of the administration of a trust; and although it is considered a great honor, it can also be a great responsibility. Most peopl…Read More

  8. Speculation About the Estate of Steve Jobs Continues

    The public has been curious about the estate of Steve Jobs ever since he passed away in early October, but with his assets wisely protected with a trust, his family's privacy regarding the distribution of inheritance has remained intact. (Privacy is only one of the many benefits of using a trust as …Read More

  9. How to Cope After the Death of a Spouse

    Losing a spouse may be one of the most difficult life events that any of us have to deal with. A spouse is a parenting partner, a co-CFO, a best friend and a beloved soul mate. Losing the person who supports you in so many ways can create an emptiness which can be almost paralyzing. This is why it…Read More

  10. IRS Announces Another Extension for Estate Tax Filing Deadline

    Just a few weeks ago the IRS announced the November 15, 2011 estate tax filing deadline for large estates of decedents who passed away in 2010; but some executors might be relieved to know that the IRS recently extended the deadline to January 17, 2012. This extension gives executors of large estate…Read More