1. Advance Directives for Dementia

    I have met with several families over the past few weeks who have been taking care of loved ones with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia for many, many years. Their loved ones have reached the point where they have pretty much no quality life. They are merely existing - being spoon fed, being sh…Read More

  2. Who needs estate planning?

    You should have a plan if you want to make sure you stay in control of your financial and healthcare decision making in the event of your disability. You should also take the time to plan if you want to make sure your wealth goes to who you want, when you want, the way you want. If you have children…Read More

  3. After A Divorce, Make Sure to Reevaluate Your Estate Plan

    Your ex or soon-to-be ex-spouse may still have authority over your medical and financial affairs after your divorce. This should send shock-waves through most people knowing their ex-spouse may still have so much control over them after they part company in a divorce. This is why it is important to …Read More

  4. Talking to your parents about moving from their home

    You've come back from the Thanksgiving Holiday and you are concerned about the safety of your parents who are living alone. What do you do? This article will help you do what I learned at West Point: "choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong." How to Talk to Aging Parents About Moving to …Read More

  5. How To Get Resistant Aging Parents To Talk About The Future

    Do your aging parents resist talking about the future or giving you any of their financial or legal information?  You’re not alone. “The Talk” about the future is off limits for a lot of parents. They are fearful of losing control of their lives.  Many adult children avoid pushing because th…Read More

  6. Estate Planning and Divorce in Fayette County, Georgia

    When a divorce—also called “dissolution of marriage” —is imminent, meeting with an  estate planning attorney is not likely at the top of anyone’s list of things to do.  But, it very well should be.  Keep in mind divorce can take a fairly long time (months or even years) to complete.  I…Read More

  7. The Pros and Cons of Long-Term Care Insurance

    Do you have long-term care insurance? SHOULD you have long-term care insurance? These are questions that currently plague many forty-, fifty-, and sixty-somethings, as well as some precocious thirty-somethings. We’ve been hearing and reading more and more about long-term care insurance in recent y…Read More