Elder Law

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What Is Medicaid Law?

By Bob Goldberg / November 15, 2021

Determine Your Eligibility Right Away! Schedule a Meeting With a Medicaid Lawyer One of the biggest traps most elderly individuals fall into is thinking that they are not eligible for Medicaid because they are not poor enough. Most of the time, this is simply not true! As long as you can meet some requirements, you…

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Why Is Estate Planning Important?

By Bob Goldberg / November 11, 2021

Learn Why You Shouldn’t Delay It Any Further Discuss Your Elder Law Options With an Attorney It’s not a pleasant matter, but estate planning is something that has to be taken care of before you actually need to take care of it. While planning for the future in case something bad happens to you can…

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Stay Protected with Robert. M Goldberg & Associates

By Bob Goldberg / November 3, 2021

Attorneys at Robert M. Goldberg & Associates Can Help Protect Your Rights Are you confused about your Medicaid rights? At Robert M. Goldberg & Associates, we know how complex Medicaid coverage can be, which is why we’ve put together a thorough guide to help you take your first step toward understanding Medicaid.  

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Preparing for Your Loved Ones

By Bob Goldberg / October 25, 2021

Visit Robert M. Goldberg & Associates in Atlanta, GA, if you need a skilled elder law firm for your loved one’s preparatory Death is not a scheduled event, but everyone will grow old and die at some point. How have you prepared for your loved ones, is the question? Have you thought about the concept…

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4 Reasons Why Estate Planning Is Important

By Bob Goldberg / October 21, 2021

Get an Estate Plan in Georgia, ATL Today Discuss Your Elder Law Options with An Attorney When you hear of an estate, you may think of large mansions, great wealth, stock, and valuable portfolios and possessions. However, estate planning is no longer for the ultra-rich. Instead, it simply gives you a say of how things…

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Caring For Elderly Parents From a Distance

By Bob Goldberg / February 15, 2021

The pandemic has certainly made many aspects of life incredibly difficult, and managing the care of a loved one from afar is part of it. This could mean trying to care for them when you’re in the same city but need to remain socially distant, or you could be in another state. Trying to communicate…

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Legal Issues for People Living with Dementia and Their Caregivers Webinar

By Bob Goldberg / May 5, 2018

Contact Goldberg & Associates Today Learn more about our service to help your design an estate plan for your loved ones today.

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Advance Directives for Dementia

By Bob Goldberg / May 4, 2018

I have met with several families over the past few weeks who have been taking care of loved ones with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia for many, many years. Their loved ones have reached the point where they have pretty much no quality life. They are merely existing – being spoon fed, being shifted…

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Who needs estate planning?

By Bob Goldberg / May 8, 2014

You should have a plan if you want to make sure you stay in control of your financial and healthcare decision making in the event of your disability. You should also take the time to plan if you want to make sure your wealth goes to who you want, when you want, the way you…

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