1. Women and Finances: How Estate Planning Can Help

    When it comes to family matters, women are often the head (and sometimes the sole member) of the planning committee. Vacations, dinner parties, school activities and celebrations... many of these wouldn’t happen at all if the women of the family didn’t take the lead. Estate Planning tends to be …Read More

  2. Do Expected Changes to GRAT Legislation Affect YOUR Plans?

    If you (or your financial planner) have been considering creating a Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (GRAT) to avoid gift taxes on financial gifts to family members you may want to read this article from Forbes before you take the final step. According to author Seth R. Kaplan there has been much talk…Read More

  3. Options Abound With Out-of-State Trusts

    If you have a family trust—or are considering creating a family trust—to protect your assets you may want to ask your attorney about creating an out of state trust. It’s a grantor’s market (so to speak) and creating a trust these days doesn’t mean you have to simply accept the tax laws of …Read More

  4. Prenups Help With Happily Ever After

    A lot of what we as estate planners do is help you protect your assets: We help you protect your assets for your children when you die, we help you protect your assets when you are elderly and need long term or nursing care, we help you protect your business or investment assets from frivolous law s…Read More

  5. Real Estate Investments Bring Real Long-Term Value to Families

    If there is one way to be sure money stays in the family and grows over time it is through real estate. Despite the year-to-year ups and downs of the real estate market, the value of real property continues to grow over the long term. Real estate is often considered a comparatively easy way to maint…Read More

  6. Sensible… Sentimental… Prenuptial Agreements?

    Somewhere between Family Law and Estate Planning lie Prenuptial Agreements. These documents—once avoided at all costs by all but the super-rich as pessimistic or unromantic—are now considered by just about every financial advisor or specialist to be good financial planning, good estate planning,…Read More

  7. Handing Over the Keys to the Kingdom

    It goes without saying that nobody wants to give up control of their finances and put themselves at the mercy of someone else’s decisions; which is why most people spend hours and hours considering who to name as their agent when they sign a power of attorney. But what happens if you pick the wron…Read More

  8. Living in a Digital World

    Do you have an e-mail account? Do you participate in Facebook or other Social Networking sites? Do you do any of your banking, bill paying or investing online? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you might want to think about this next question... what will happen to all of your onlin…Read More