1. Make Financial Decisions a Family Activity

    When it comes to chores many families are not so different from businesses, with members tending to “specialize” in something they enjoy or are good at. Certain chores will often become the domain of one family member or another, lessening the daily burden all around. This may work well for task…Read More

  2. Prenuptial Agreements Help Protect Your Assets AND Your Marriage

    Marriage is not just a mingling of hearts and households; it’s also a mingling of assets and property. This may not seem like a big deal if both partners are young and have little to their names yet, but if either partner (or both partners) is well established, with a career or business of their o…Read More

  3. Retirement Advice for EVERY Age

    “Retirement”—It’s a word that goes hand-in-hand with “Baby Boomer” these days. After all, as has been pointed out over and over again, retirement is the issue of the hour as the first round of Baby Boomers hits that magic age. But what about the younger set? Is there anything that twenty…Read More

  4. Are Misconceptions Keeping You From Planning for Retirement?

    Planning for retirement can be tricky business. When we discuss our clients’ estate plans and assets with them we can’t help touching on retirement plans, so we hear a lot about the worries that go along with preparing for an uncertain future. There are many variables and unknowns that can crop …Read More

  5. Family and Future: The Keys to Top Notch Estate Planning

    We write a lot on this blog about what estate planning is truly about: it’s about laws, taxes, assets, and documents of course; but deep down, estate planning is about relationships. As estate planners and advisors, an important part of what we do is creating the best estate planning or asset prot…Read More

  6. “Nothing Says Romance More Than A Prenuptial Contract.”

    You may have your doubts about the sentiment above (which is also the opening line of a recent article in the Wall Street Journal) but many couples are beginning to see the truth of this statement. Younger couples, older couples embarking on second marriages, and couples with family businesses or as…Read More

  7. Take Care in Making Large Gifts to Heirs

    Do you have a provision in your will or trust to pass your house on to your kids when you die? If so, you may want to consider giving the house to them now, before the end of the year. According to this article in the New York Times, doing so could be beneficial to both your heirs and yourself. It…Read More

  8. You’re Never Too Young to Need a Financial Planner

    Most people don’t think about visiting a financial planner until they’re old enough to have some money to manage, but if your child is a recent college graduate, or in his or her final year, you may want to consider a joint trip to your financial planner. A recent article in the Boston Globe lis…Read More