According to the Centers for Disease Control, we are still in the midst of the cold and flu season. Apparently, the flu bug doesn’t just disappear when the weather gets warmer. And in light of recent worldwide events, there are more reasons than ever to maintain a healthy immune system.

A healthy immune system is especially important if you are over the age of 60. So all of you retirees out there need to listen up. You might think that because you don’t do to work anymore, you limit the people who might have been exposed. Besides, you think you do a really good job avoiding people who are coughing or sneezing.

However, to stay as strong and healthy as possible, you need to boost your immune system.

In a world full of infectious microorganisms, a weakened immune system could leave you vulnerable to some very dangerous conditions. You might feel great at the moment, but you could wake up tomorrow with a fever and other flu-like symptoms.

Goldberg and Associates, your estate planning firm in Atlanta, offers ways in which you can boost your immune system.

Get More Sleep

When it comes to boosting your immune system, one of the best things you can do is get plenty of sleep. Just as it is important to eat right and get exercise, you need to get the rest that your body needs.

When you fail to get enough sleep, you feel run down and become more susceptible to catching a cold or getting the flu.

Eat Right

The nutrients found in vegetables and fruit do wonders for your mind and body. They are critical for a healthy immune system as well. So if you want to boost your immune system, it’s a good idea to skip the burgers and pizza and eat oranges and broccoli instead.

Get Plenty of Exercise

There are so many benefits that come with getting plenty of exercise that we could write a book on the matter. Exercise keeps your immune system healthy and functioning at an optimal level. So now is a good time to hit the gym.

Watch Your Alcohol Consumption

An occasional glass of wine or a bottle of beer is fine, but you will run into health issues if you drink in excess. Hangovers are an indication that your liver is working too hard. Alcohol will also diminish your body’s T-cell count. You can maintain an efficient immune system by watching how much you drink.

Healthy Weight

Many of us have a tendency to put on a few extra pounds over the winter. The holiday season comes with so many good things to eat, it is difficult to refrain. And many of you would rather flop on the couch and indulge in a little Netflix rather than hitting the gym.

This is fine as long as you maintain a healthy weight. If you are seeing the numbers on the scale go up, you might want to consider cutting back on the cookies.

Minimize Stress

Emotional stress over time can cause a lot of problems for your body. Just think about how lousy you feel when a financial crisis hots or you go through a breakup. The pain is real.

There are all sorts of stress in your life, you can never get rid of it all. But what you can do is find ways to minimize the effects of stress in your life. It will boost your immune system if you do.

One way you can reduce stress is through meditation, so perhaps you could sign up for a yoga class. Another way you can reduce stress is by getting plenty of exercise. So instead of sitting at home stewing about your recent breakup, hit the gym instead.


Simply washing your hands several times a day is a great way to ward off unwanted germs.


Zinc, vitamin D and selenium are known for boosting the immune system. Supplements are beneficial in moderation and can help keep you healthy in these times of crisis.

Drink More Water

Getting plenty of water is key if you want to boost your immune system. Water makes your body stronger and helps build strong muscles and flushes out the bad toxins.

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