If you are planning on traveling the United States when you retire, we want to tell you something: Skip South Dakota, there really isn’t anything to see there. Well, unless you have your heart set on gawking at Mount Rushmore.

In fact, you might want to skip Alabama as well, there is nothing interesting there.

You will have a lot of time to burn when you retire. However, there are places in the states that you don’t need to waste your time visiting. Why spend three days in South Dakota when you can skip it completely and spend more time in Wyoming?

The United States is a vast and wonderful place. That said, there are a few states littered within the group of 50 that don’t have a whole lot of redeeming features. But most of us grow up thinking every state has something special to offer.

We aren’t trying to say that there are problems with these states, they just don’t have something special to offer everyone. Alabama is great if you are a college football fan, otherwise, most people will think it is nothing special.

If you are planning on traveling the states when you retire, there are a few you can skip and not miss out on anything. Goldberg and Associates, your retirement planning firm in Atlanta, offers states you can skip when traveling.

Rhode Island

The east coast is beautiful. That said, you can enjoy a nice drive through Delaware, New Jersey and Connecticut, but then stop and turn around before you enter Rhode Island. The reason is that the state usually experiences bad weather that makes everything gray and gloomy. Gloomy is the last thing you want to encounter on a road trip. Besides, anything that can be seen in Rhode Island can be seen in the surrounding states.


Despite having a pretty catchy Broadway play, Oklahoma doesn’t have much else to offer. Unless you are trying to hit all 50 states, we suggest you skip it.

All you are really going to see in Oklahoma is a vast expanse of farmland, something you will see in other, more exciting states.


The only thing Kansas has to offer is The Wizard of Oz. It’s really tough trying to stay awake driving through Kansas because the land is so flat and the landscape is dreadfully boring and allows you to zone out.

There is no civilization to be found along the interstate. If you were to break down in Kansas, it isn’t easy to find help. Plus, in the summer, you can expect temperatures to reach triple digits. That is not a fun way to travel.


Michigan might be a cool place to check out and we hear the scenery is great, but it has problems. Michigan has some of the worst rural roads in America, nearly 30% of them are in critical condition. The rural roads in Michigan suffer anything from deep potholes to roads completely missing. No kidding.

South Dakota

We wonder how many of you out there can tell us anything about South Dakota, besides it is the home of Mount Rushmore. We are willing to bet a large portion of the population couldn’t even name two cities in South Dakota without help from Google.


Las Vegas is a popular destination. That said, it is far better to just fly there and fly out than have to drive through the state. This is because Nevada is basically just a desert, and it looks the same wherever you drive.

If you are interested in retirement planning so you can explore the states when you retire, give Goldberg and Associates a call.