You are probably looking forward to retirement with eagerness and anticipation. Retirement is the well-deserved reward for all of those years you spent hard at work. When retirement finally comes, there will be all sorts of cool ways to fill the time once you are free from the constraints of work. When you retire, your time really does become yours to do with as you please.

Some of you will no doubt be a little hesitant about retirement. You aren’t sure exactly what to expect. No worries, this is fairly common, but don’t let that stop you from dreaming about the fun you will have upon retirement. We know you will love it.

Golberg and Associates, your estate planning service in Atlanta, offers the reasons why you will love being retired.

You Can Be Active Anytime

As you already probably know, sitting at a desk all day is very bad for your health. In fact, you probably read about it while you were glued to your chair at work.

It’s true, sitting for long periods of time is extremely unhealthy. When you retire, you can make up for all of those years sitting at your desk by being active. And since you are retired, you can get up and go for a walk through the park whenever you want.

Read Books

We live in an era where most of us spend eight hours or more staring at a computer screen. As such, the last thing you want to do when you get home from work is read. After all, staring at that monitor all day takes a toll on the eyes.

But when you retire, you don’t have to stare at a computer monitor every day for hours and hours. In fact, you don’t have to look at a monitor at all. Instead, you can spend your days sipping tasty beverages, like iced tea in the summer and hot chocolate in the winter, and reading books.

We are willing to bet that there are several titles you want to read.

Surf All Day Long

No, we aren’t talking about catching some waves, we are talking about surfing the web. The people who work for a living, they can’t surf the net because they could get in trouble. In addition, many companies filter out the sites they don’t want you to visit. And when you get home, you simply don’t have time to sit around discovering what the internet has to offer.

So if you want to spend all day surfing sites like Facebook, YouTube and eBay, go for it because it’s not like the IT guy is logging the sites you visit.

No Performance Reviews or Useless Meetings

It doesn’t matter if you started cleaning the kitchen and then got distracted and moved on to something else. This is because nobody is around who will be giving you performance reviews.

You have spent years and years doing tasks by the book and methodically because you didn’t want to get a bad review. But now that you are retired, your spouse is the only person who can criticize your work.

And you are no longer obligated to attend useless meetings that waste your time. Stop for a moment and think about the number of hours you have spent in meetings. Absurd.

Get Up Whenever You Want

Your hockey team had a game last night and you went to bed way past your normal bedtime. That doesn’t matter anymore because you don’t have to get up in the morning to go to work. In fact, you slept until 10 am this morning and then went and had breakfast at Denny’s.


If you are hit with the sudden urge to swing by Ben & Jerry’s for a cup of Chocolate Garcia, there is nothing standing in your way. It’s not like you are at work and can’t leave when the urge for ice cream hits.

If you want to drop everything and go fishing, pack up your gear and go. You are retired and not tied down to a job, you have the freedom to do pretty much whatever you want. Go for it.

No Rush Hour

Upon retirement, there will be no reason for you to be on the road during morning and afternoon rush hour. Whatever errands you have to run can be done after morning rush hour and before evening rush hour. Traffic will be smooth like Jazz.

Also, the shops and stores you hit during the day will be a lot less crowded, which makes shopping that much more enjoyable. And if you need to schedule a dentist appointment and you are asked what time works best for you, you say, “anytime works for me.”


Upon retirement, you no longer have to worry about getting to bed at a decent hour. You can sleep in every morning!

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