You are set to retire and now you are thinking about buying a motorhome. Good for you. There are many good reasons to buy a motorhome when you retire. After all, you don’t want to sit around the house being bored all day.

Buying a motorhome is a big decision, and not just because they can be rather expensive. It takes commitment to own a motorhome. Some say it is more work to own a motorhome than to own a dog. At least you don’t have to take your motorhome on a walk every day.

Motorhomes are becoming quite popular, and for good reasons. It is a purchase that you can use time and time again. Buying a motorhome is the first step in having many fantastic journeys.

Goldberg and Associates, your estate planning firm in Atlanta, offers the reasons you should buy a motorhome.

RV Friendly Campgrounds

Most campgrounds in the states are motorhome friendly. There are even campgrounds that cater only to motorhomes. Motorhomes might be self-contained and able to support themselves, but campgrounds will have water connections, electrical hookups and WiFi.

Multiple Uses

Motorhomes can be used for more than camping in nature. Bigger cities have RV campgrounds that allow you to explore the city without having to get a hotel room.

A Motorhome That Fits Your Budget

Motorhomes come in all sizes and floor plans. And the prices of these motorhomes vary depending on size and amenities. You can get a reasonably priced motorhome with the amenities you desire the most.

Kids Love Them

Kids don’t get very excited about traveling. Anybody who has traveled across the country in a sedan with two kids knows this. And anybody who has traveled with kids also knows what a pain it can be. In addition to frequent stops for bathroom breaks and the feuding between siblings, there is the constant complaining about being bored.

Well, that doesn’t happen when kids travel in a motorhome. You don’t have to stop for bathroom breaks and there is plenty for the kids to do to keep them occupied and quiet. So if you have grandkids, invite them along on your next RV adventure.

Pets Can Travel With You

Traveling in a car with a pet can be just as bad as traveling with kids, perhaps worse. If you own a motorhome, there is no need to find a pet sitter or put Fido in a kennel. You hate that. Most campgrounds are pet-friendly and may even have a dog park or other pet amenities.

Family Time

It is difficult to enjoy other family members when everyone is cramped in a car. Nobody is happy and they just want the trip to be over.

But traveling with the family in an RV is a different story. With the family comfortable and in a good mood, the trip is actually fun and you get to have great conversations with everybody.


You have a ton of freedom when you travel in a motorhome. You could fly to the destination of choice, but you are then at the mercy of time constraints. For example, you have to leave your house on time to catch the plane. You have to be at the airport early to get through security. You have to wait for the shuttle to take you to the hotel. You need a chart to track where you need to be and at what time.

It is really a big hassle.

But when you travel in an RV, you don’t have any time constraints. This means you can leave your house at 9 am, even if you were shooting for 7 am. It’s no big deal, it’s not like you are going to miss a flight.

On the way to your destination, you can stop as often as you wish. If you want to stop and see the largest ball of string in the world, go for it.

See America

When you fly, all you really see are clouds and land. And that is only if you are lucky enough to have a seat next to the window. But when you travel in your RV, you get to see America in all of its beauty.

Comforts of Home

Motorhomes are great for travel because you get to enjoy many of the same things you love at home. After you park the RV for the evening, you can crack open a beer, slip into your slippers and watch a good movie. Just like you would at home.

As a matter of fact, your motorhome can be filled with all of the things you have at home. It is literally your home away from home. You can even cook your favorite meals in your motorhome.

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