This might be hard to believe, especially if you aren’t retired, but some people start to feel a little dissatisfied with retirement after the initial honeymoon has lost its luster. Retirement can last a long time and if you spend it sitting around watching television and catching up on your sleep, you can get bored pretty quickly.

The boredom is compounded by the fact that many retirees are unprepared to take on the responsibilities of filling their days with meaningful activities. That, and because retirees have spent their entire lives working, raising a family and staying busy all of the time. There is just a huge void to fill upon retirement.

When you are already over-scheduled, a blank calendar sounds wonderful. But when you are retired, a blank calendar means you have nothing to look forward to. Without a reasonable amount of challenges, variety and newness, retirement can become far less spectacular than you had hoped. You worked long and hard to reach retirement, it should be all that you expected and much more. Don’t let boredom ruin your retirement. Goldberg and Associates, your estate planning service in Atlanta, offers ways in which you can beat boredom.

Find Your Sense of Purpose

Nothing helps shake boredom more quickly than when you discover a sense of purpose. Retirement is the perfect opportunity to explore passions and interests you may have had earlier in life, but never acted upon them.

Think about what inspires you and then take the necessary steps to reach a goal. For example, you may have always wanted to play a musical instrument, paint a portrait or learn a new language. Well, get busy and take on these challenges. Boredom is no fun and its destructive nature can negatively affect your health.

Embrace Nostalgia

Allow yourself to look back in the past and embrace those feelings of nostalgia that are associated with seeing your life in a broader perspective. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and think about a time when you were young, vigorous and full of energy and passion. This was a time in your life when you felt alive and felt like your life had meaning and you had a sense of purpose.

Now, open your eyes and break out your album collection. Throw down some Rolling Stones on the turntable, break out the old photos and reflect on your youth. Think about your dreams and ambitions and let them help you feel good about yourself in the present.

Never Stop Challenging Yourself

Nobody wants to find themselves mired in a routine that is dreadfully boring without having anything you can look forward to. There are retirees who feel safe and secure at home and are reluctant to even go out. This leads to laziness and boredom. The best way to shake this is by challenging yourself.

Before retirement, when you were part of the real world, you were always having new experiences and your life was fresh and interesting. Whether it was home life or work, there was always the need for you to adjust, develop new skills and stay sharp and on top of your game. Just because you no longer work and are no longer raising a family, it doesn’t mean you have to spend your retirement doing nothing but sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.

You might not be as strong and nimble as you once were, but it’s no excuse for not challenging yourself. Try something new, even if it takes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to learn a new set of skills.

Start and Build on Relationships

Upon retirement, you will discover that you have a lot of free time, more so than you have ever had before. You might choose to use this extra time to spend with family and friends. You have the time to get to know people better. If you don’t spend time with others, you stay at home and get bored.

Retirement is the perfect time in your life to make new friends. Without a doubt, there are plenty of people out there who have a lot in common with you. It will make you feel so much better making new friends.

In all likelihood, you have struck up several friendships over the years. However, many of these friendships have grown stale. Do yourself a favor and connect with these people again and renew old friendships. It’s not like you have more important things to do.

Eliminate Distractions

Boredom can occur when you get caught up in low-value tasks. For example, watching television or randomly surfing the internet holds little interest to you and becomes a distraction. Distractions are a black hole, sucking you into a prolonged state of disinterest.

Turn off the television and computer, get up and find something better to occupy yourself.

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