The weather in Atlanta is just like anywhere else, there are great days and not so great days. Some days you wake up to cooler temperatures and rain while other days are sunny and warm.

On those rainy days, you might find yourself stuck inside for the duration of the day. This is fine every once in awhile, but it can get boring after a day or two.

This is an all too familiar scene. It is the middle of winter and it seems like you have been cooped up for days. You don’t feel much like watching television, the radio stations are playing too much Ed Sheeran and you have pretty much watched everything Netflix has to offer.

What you need are some ideas on how to stay busy on bad weather days. Since you are retired, going to work isn’t an option. Goldberg and Associates, your estate planning service in Atlanta, offers things to do when the weather is bad.

Make a Fort

You don’t need to have the grandkids around to make an indoor fort. All you need is a feeling of adventure. Transform your living room into a cool fort using pillows, blankets and chairs. Don’t forget to pack some picnic food for the occasion. Oh, and don’t forget the flashlight.

Happy Hour

You must first assume that it is beer-thirty somewhere in the world right now. That’s right, it’s happy hour somewhere, so go ahead and celebrate by making yourself an adult beverage.

If you are feeling chilled, whip up a coffee drink to warm your insides. Enjoy your personal happy hour and if things start to get out of control, cut yourself off and go take a nap in your living room fort.

Take a Nap

Even if you haven’t been sipping from the bottle of vodka, a nap will help kill time and make you feel better. If you are all wrapped up in a blanket in your living room fort, sleep will come pretty quickly.

The best thing about a winter nap in your fort is that you don’t have to set your alarm.

Make Breakfast for Lunch

For Hobbits, two breakfasts every morning is the norm. We think that having breakfast for lunch is pretty awesome.

The great thing about breakfast is it can be eaten any time of the day. Just ask anybody who frequents Perkins or IHOP. So crank those stove-top burners and grill some French toast, flip some pancakes, fry some bacon and poach a couple of eggs. That’s right, there is nothing wrong with having both French toast and pancakes. You are the king of your household and you can make the rules.

In fact, if you feel like whipping up some breakfast for dinner, go for it. We do, however, suggest you make decaffeinated coffee so you aren’t up all night.

Plan a Summer Vacation

There is no time better than the present to get excited about your summer vacation. Spend the afternoon checking out all of the places you want to visit. Perhaps this is the year you finally visit New York or Boston or any of the other destinations you have been thinking about.

Write Some Letters

If you can find a pen, some paper, envelopes and stamps, you can write some letters and send them off. Just imagine the look on the faces of your family and friends when they receive a hand-written letter from you.

You must do more than just write a sentence or two, you need to relay a story or write about how much fun you are having hanging out in your living room fort.

Do a Jigsaw Puzzle

You might have forgotten just how much fun it is working on a jigsaw puzzle. This is because your smartphone has dominated your life. Since you have tons of game apps to choose from, there is no need for a real puzzle.

Adults are turning to puzzles again to both unwind and challenge their brains in new ways. Not only are puzzles fun, but they also improve your memory, improve your problem-solving skills and improve visual-spatial reasoning.

Plant a Herb Garden in Your Kitchen

Your herb garden can grow anywhere in your home. A sunny window works best as you need about four hours of direct sunlight a day. Of course, you can always use a grow light as well.

All you need for your herb garden are seeds, potting soil and pots. They grow up really fast and then you get to enjoy the benefits of your labor.

Start an Album Collection

Depending on your age, you might have an album collection already. If so, then it’s time to add to it. Vinyl is back and as popular as ever. You can get most of the modern music you enjoy on vinyl. You can also scour places like eBay and Discogs for older albums to add to your collection.

If you are still at a loss as to what to do on a rainy day, call Goldberg and Associates and schedule an appointment to go over your retirement plan.