As you may already know, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality elder law service. With an elder law advocate on your team, it frees up time for you to do the things you love, like playing golf, for example.

Sadly, there are far too many of you who have never even held a golf club. It is quite a shame because the sport has so much to offer.

Golf is one of the oldest and most enjoyable sports around. It is a sport enjoyed by both sexes of all ages. It is not just a sport that retirees play. Even if you can’t swing a golf club as well as Tiger Woods, there are still plenty of reasons to dust off that set of clubs and head to the golf course.


Unless you play golf, you have absolutely no chance of hitting a hole-in-one. Actually, even if you play golf on a daily basis, you will probably never know the joy of hitting a hole-in-one.

The Views are Grand

While college football stadiums have great views of campus and baseball stadiums have great views of city skyscrapers, golf courses offer great views of nature. In fact, golf courses often give you the best views of nature you can get in the city, better than some parks even. There are golf courses that wind through the woods, jut out into the ocean and have glorious views of mountains.

In addition to the scenery, golf courses are filled with all sorts of friendly and cute critters including beavers, foxes, rabbits, toads and lizards. Oh, they are full of gophers as well. At any time, you can find yourself having to play through them. Just be careful.

Golf Gear is Awesome

Golf clubs are cool, you know this to be true. Golf balls are cool as well, much more interesting than a basketball. And whatever outfit you decide to wear while playing golf, that is sure to be awesome too.

When you decide to play golf, you need to head to the sporting goods store and load up on gear. You need clubs, a bag, markers, balls, towels, gloves and any of the other cool stuff golfers own. You even get to buy shoes with spikes on the bottom of them. Golf shoes are way cooler than cleats.

If you love seeing your name in print, then golf is for you. If you choose, you can have your initials or name scrawled on your golf balls, tees, clubs and head covers.

The Challenges

Many consider golf to be one of the most difficult sports to learn how to play. It is not at all easy learning to hit that little ball where you want it to go. And hitting a golf ball 200 yards is a lot more difficult than you might think.

You might find yourself a bit discouraged when you first start playing the sport, but gold will become more gratifying when your play gets better and you start hitting the ball with more consistency.

Great Health Benefits

If you enjoy a life of proper nutrition, fitness and good health, then golf fits right in. Golf offers a wonderful opportunity to get a lot of exercise. Of course, it doesn’t help if you rent a cart instead of walking the course.

But even if you do ride a cart, you will still have to climb in and get out of the cart several times during the game. You also get a workout wildly swinging the clubs.

Making New Friends

While there is nothing wrong with playing golf with old friends, you can go golfing on your own and make new friends. Just let the clubhouse know that you are at the course alone and are willing to play with another group. Before you know it, you will be heading to the first tee with a new friend or two.

Building Character

Golf is challenging and it will leave you frustrated at times. However, view this as an opportunity to build character. When you land in the sand trap for the third time or miss another easy putt, you have a choice to make. You can get upset, spew out a few choice words and fling your club into the lake or you can take a deep breath and recognize that sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Family Activity

Like we stated earlier; golf is a sport for both sexes and people of all ages. This means that you can play a round with your kids, grandkids and other family members. Even young kids will have a good time playing golf and they will certainly enjoy riding in the cart.

Golf is a great way for your family to spend time together and bond.

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