1. Questions to Ask When Choosing a Guardian for Your Child

    Choosing a guardian for your children is one of the most difficult things you may ever have to do as a parent, and if you have a special needs child the task is even more difficult. From parenting style to living situation to your gut feeling about this person’s ability to love your child as well …Read More

  2. Tax Tips to Benefit YOUR Family

    Tax day is coming up quickly, are you ready to file? And just as important—are you taking advantage of all the savings and deductions available to you? Most people who do their own taxes are unaware of some of the lesser-known deductions which can help you save money come tax-time. We have a coupl…Read More

  3. Will You Be Able To Afford Old Age?

    Are you ready for the financial implications that come with growing older? As the average American lifespan grows longer the cost of aging becomes more and more prohibitive. A recent segment on NBC’s The Today Show is takes a close look at long-term care and the price individuals and couples are r…Read More

  4. Defining Probate

    Probate: [from the Middle-English probat, from Latin probatum…] a : the action or process of proving before a competent judicial authority that a document offered for official recognition and registration as the last will and testament of a deceased person is genuine. b : the judicial determinatio…Read More

  5. One More BIG Reason to Have a Health Care Directive

    Do you have a health care directive? If not, the Los Angeles Times has just given you one more reason to create one: Advance directives for end-of-life care result in preferred treatment. That’s right, according to the recent article; those people who have recorded their wishes for end-of-life tre…Read More

  6. The Receiving End of Estate Planning

    We publish a lot on this blog about preparing your estate plan: writing a will, setting up a trust, choosing beneficiaries and nominating guardians; but there is another side to estate planning, a fun side... the receiving end. You may assume that the receiving end of estate planning is the fun and …Read More

  7. The Cold, Hard Truth

    “No one wants to think about dying. But refusing to look at the documents that will determine where your money goes when you pass away will not make you live longer. It will just make sorting through everything more difficult for your heirs.” So begins Paul Sullivan’s recent article in the New…Read More

  8. 3 Reasons to Discuss Estate Planning With Your Ex

    Creating an estate plan to protect your minor children is one of the most difficult—and most important—things you will ever do; this is especially true if you and your child’s other parent are separated or divorced. Relationships don’t always end amicably, but if you do have children it is d…Read More

  9. What Does the New Healthcare Legislation Mean for YOU?

    Everybody knows the latest big news: President Obama’s healthcare reform bill was finally approved by the senate—for better or worse—and although politicians may still be arguing the benefits and evils of the bill across party lines, most Americans are asking one simple question: What does thi…Read More

  10. How to Choose the Right Nursing Home

    A recent article in the New York Times calls choosing a nursing home for your loved one “one of the hardest [decisions] you will ever make;” and yet it is a decision that almost all of us will have to think about eventually (whether for a grandparent, parent, spouse, or for ourselves.) It is a d…Read More