1. Small Children and Estate Plans in Peachtree City

    There is no better reason to have an estate plan in place than for the well being of your young children. Often, young parents avoid estate planning because they believe that they are too young, healthy, or can’t afford a  Peachtree City estate planning attorney. However, estate planning is a vit…Read More

  2. What Happens if I Die Without an Estate Plan?

    Despite the importance of having an estate plan, many Americans die without one every day. Individuals who die without an estate plan are said to die intestate. If you die intestate, Georgia law determines how your assets will be distributed. All fifty states have laws concerning intestate successio…Read More

  3. What Does a Probate Lawyer in Peachtree City Do?

    Oftentimes, a person isn’t even aware of what a probate lawyer in Peachtree City does until he or she is in need of one.  Of course, it is a great idea to hire a probate lawyer before you actually “need” his or her services so things can go as smoothly as possible when it comes to taking an e…Read More

  4. Keeping Your Wills and Trusts Updated | Peachtree City Trust Lawyer

    It’s always a great feeling when a new client meets with a wills and trusts attorney in Peachtree City, Griffin or Atlanta to get started on his or her estate planning.  Every day, people recognize the importance of putting a plan into place to prepare for their own futures as well as their heirs…Read More

  5. The Perils Of Joint Ownership

    I often see older people with other peoples’ names on their property as co-owners.  Legally, this type of ownership is called  joint tenancy with right of survivorship, meaning that when one joint tenant dies, the surviving joint tenant becomes the sole owner of the property.  If there is more …Read More

  6. Estate Planning and Divorce in Fayette County, Georgia

    When a divorce—also called “dissolution of marriage” —is imminent, meeting with an  estate planning attorney is not likely at the top of anyone’s list of things to do.  But, it very well should be.  Keep in mind divorce can take a fairly long time (months or even years) to complete.  I…Read More

  7. Should you get professional help filing your Medicaid Application?

    The answer depends on several variables. What is Medicaid? Medicaid is the needs-based health care benefit for persons who do not have health insurance, or whose insurance does not cover what they need, as in the example of custodial long-term care. Many people also need Medicaid to help pay for cus…Read More

  8. Alternatives to Disinheriting a Loved One

    In many cases a parent disinherits a child not because the parent hates the child but because the parent feels hurt.  But, there are alternatives to completely disinheriting a child or other loved one. The alternative depends on the underlying reason for disinheriting the person. Sometimes, fair do…Read More